State of the art architectural visualization

With the Planimetria platform we aim to allow everyone to easily find and get a closer look at highly detailed constructions, in real time.

With a strong emphasis on collaboration and easy communication, we envision a future where everyone can readily point out and highlight important architectural information.

Mobile Application

With the Planimetria mobile application we make it possible to take the power of visualization everywhere, in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

We are currently hard at work on the application, but we invite everyone to try it out as we get further in development:

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Creation tools

We are currently collaborating with our partners on developing a web based solution for designers to upload their creations for visualization.

We expect to integrate with popular BIM formats and creation software.

Want your content on Planimetria?

We are always looking to empower companies around the world with our visualization technology, so we are open for everyone to send compatible models to be visualized.

Guidelines for exporting models

  • The model data should ideally be exported from Autodesk Revit in FBX or OBJ format.
  • We recommend that models are cleaned up in advance using a 3D model editor like Autodesk 3D Studio Max.
  • The combined polygon count of the model should be below 250.000 polygons. A higher polygon count is acceptable if targeting higher end devices.
  • Any existing materials and textures should be included during export, these will be used for reference when setting up the model for the Planimetria platform.
  • UV-coordinates and normals of the model should be included in the export.
  • Ensure that the normals are facing in the correct direction and that all model faces are displayed as intended with backface culling enabled.
  • Ensure that the naming conventions of objects, textures and materials are accurate. This will make the conversion process to Planimetria easier.
  • Please include reference material such as existing renders, photographs or illustrations.